Megan Headley, a freelance writer/editor with more than a decade of experience, is owner of ClearStory Publications LLC. Having served on both sides of the editorial desk, Megan brings to every project a sharp attention to detail, an aptitude for research and a dedication to finding the details that make a story come alive.

While no project is out of reach, there are two areas where ClearStory aims to stand out:

  • Storytelling: Whether it’s the story of a unique building’s creation, a company’s growth or the evolution of an industry, to truly engage the reader an article should tell a story that makes the reader scroll or flip until the very end—and come back to your publication for more.
  • Applicability: Whether it’s a how-to, top 10 or product profile, there’s no greater reward than having the reader print out, rip out and bookmark these articles to come back to again and again.